Monday, March 31, 2014

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Flamming Belles

Flaming Belles,Isis Spokenpen
(Inspired by Metro Atlantic Bennett College A.A.
2014 White Breakfast Theme)

I am she and she is me…. Young…Tender….Sassy & Fearless …..Older……. ….Courageous….. Gracious and Seasoned!!

We are Women on Fire…Hunger to Be!! Yeah a Different World from where we came from; every Thursday night the scandal of the 90’s we Northern Girls knew we were missing something.

Fredrick Douglas said education was a passport, Malcom X’s bio said get that Passport but just don’t let it become a Green Card, Carter G. Woodson said it first in the Mis-education of Negro (Read) that in Freshwomen Orientation. Martin Luther King Jr. well our mommies like Coretta’s momma want us to obtain a Degree and possibly get a Husband.

Little did she know the information age would over power the industry age! Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and AOL will all tell us -we got Mail.

For all Dressed in White a different kind of wedding day would be that Long Walk from the President House to Chapel.

The journey to a Different World would now become the Search for Our Mother’s Garden. As we signed our name in the Bennett Book of Life becoming-Forever-Stamped into the Secret Lives of Belles.

Didn’t know like Debbie Allen once said if you want Fame you must know it COST and Greensboro North Kakielacie is where Belles started paying.

Fire requires the joining together in order to create a lasting flame! Herstory like Labor pains 1873 to Present makes it plain…. like a Queen Bee/Mother Bennett was always giving Birth. And we; her new classes of Daughter’s were expect to do her Proud…for “Iron sharpens Iron”.

The Flame was lit we were little Women on Fire. Like Jeremiah for some of us the FIRE was shut up in our bones. Pregnant in our souls… convert out of mental immaturity … becoming the individual fine cut diamonds…. because only diamonds cut Glass. Womanist not Feminist will cut through the ceiling of Gender Apartheid while leaving the family in order…intake!!

Sisterhood was on the top of the menu….experiencing it in mutable ways. Beside every good man is a Great Woman. And beside every Good Woman are Great Sister Friends!! “As a weed We will be never I never me but We and that’s the ways it is going to be”.

We were Women on Fire and the Flames grew HOTTER and HOTTTER!! Academic Cultural Enrichment (church yawl) happens every Tuesday and Thursday. Internships, Volunteerism and ABC…. 1…2..3 is what WE BREATH.

Gassing up led to Snacks across the street with Mr. Guz and CPR (Health or Gym) class was led by Mr. Macduff these were our Bennett community Fathers who kept it real sometimes raw with us because Fire is both Comforting and Dangerous.

Mother Bennett taught us our lessons earning some both a degree and an impartation and other of us received a double portion of Faith. Knowing that we must stand on our own two feet when the Thunder calls…for us…once a Belle always a Belle!! “And we do it Well”

Generation X standing at the Door of Destiny not accepting No for answer; defining our legacy we pass a small portion of our flame to the next generation. As well trained Olympia’s we know our Belle little sisters ….Generation Y…..will do Even Greater works then we Have DONE!!

The Baby Boomers and the Cloud of Witness required our belles to RING even louder. The Flame is carried further by the Wind in the Wings of the Belles of Liberty!!

Bennett Belles are Women on Fire in the Board room, School House, Church Temples and the House we call Home domestically keeping the Cold out and the Heat in!!

Heat likes to Rise yawl!! No wonder why Belles were never allowed to walk on the Grass… for every step a Belle takes is lit with the Heat that rises to a contagious degree!! Fear we were taught –natural- but must be press threw. Presentation was important but –Beauty- alone wasn’t Enough.

Thus, whether it be a Morehouse Gentleman or Aggie Manly Man none could avoid the phenomenal-ness of a Belles warmth.

I am a Bennett Belle a Magnolia Tree –planted- firmly in My Mother’s Garden!! With Global Branches supplying logs for Heat daily into some Young Women’s Life giving out of the Oasis, I was baptized in!!



WE Make!!!!


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