Friday, January 31, 2014

Senior Executive Editor's Ink:Best Man Holiday

Turning the Page: Opinion Editorial on the Movie-“Best Man Holiday”

By: Isis Spokenpen


This is the second time we the (audience) were introduced to these college friends. The first time we were allowed to peek into their imaginary world, we did more laughing and reflecting than anything. Yet, the friendship theme this time revealed to most and reminded some that once the rights of passages that accords in the (thick and/or thin- bubble) of young adult land is over “life happens” and the seriousness of navigating through life as an adult reveals the substance of who you really are.  As Jessica Parker said in the second Sex in the City movie “tradition will always sneak in”.

Thus, the writers of Best Man Holiday in their own art “reflects” life like fashion were true to the above theme.  Like the first movie we laughed, but unlike the first movie we cried as life can change on a dime. Each character was well developed; allowing for the movie to be as relatable as artistically possible. The romantic male and female interaction between the characters is the under pending that glues the theme of lifelong friendship tightly together. The characters highs and lows individually and collectively introduce us to us. Connecting to their humanity allows us to learn from their world.

The character Mia (her) death was symbolic of how our lives are not really our own. Life waits for no one and delaying today’s truth to hold on to the false hope or guilt of yesterday will always leave you without the substance necessary to endure unexpected change. Her husband’s faith was the strength providing stability to them both in an unstable experience of lost. Change unexpected can feel like a death but nevertheless can be what clears a path way for a blessing of joy that surpasses what was lost.

In holding so tightly to our own plans we can smother God’s purpose in the script of our lives. God is the supreme master author as such, He writes the end and then the beginning.  The birth of Robin’s baby, Mia’s name sake on the same night of the beloved character’s funeral revealed a pattern of God. God will never take anything out of the world and not replace it. In this fulfillment of truth; we see the shifting of one’s life force to open the door for another’s life force; at the appointed time when human hearts are open to receive. A seed sown will always provide a necessary harvest to give life to the intergenerational story of humanity.

Another love fest observation that was also interesting to highlight is how although Mia and her husband were both people of great faith; it was the best man of little faith who eulogies Mia. Eulogizing someone is the acted of speaking the last blessing over a person life an act that can be extremely hard to complete when intimately connect. Yet, we see the best man completed what is asked of him in the manner that allowed him to be Mia’s safe escape her 1st responder.

The Best Man is the Main Character in both the first movie and the second his character is still unfortunately very UNDER DELVELOPED. As we the audiences aggressively await the third movie which will lead to the Best Man being yet, the best man again.  Thus, question becomes will he become the Better Man??

Thursday, January 2, 2014