Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Let it Snow

By: Isis Spokenpen
Unexpected affection born in the winter bares no twin spirit to summer attention. For there is no euphoria in the wilderness of mind, no violation of well intention voices or misplaced motivations; finally SHE exhale.

Mating dance moving to old school house rhythms, making sassy drum beats that conceive melodies that become recycled hip hop gospel remixes. Translating intergeneration conversations into oneness of spirit, speaking through shoe strings woven in the middle of recycle adult soup cans. Yet, I can’t hear like you can the cold winter wind; instead I can flame the fire we make.

Burning fall leaves and last year’s stored lumber raises the temperature yeah, you carry the weight of all that has been and has to be!! I see you, I hear you and surrender to you for you are more than a brick you’re the wall. Nehemiah had to step down in position in order to share in its new DNA.

Maybe the softness of my gender, the energy of my youth, the purity of my heart and the mental witness of a God (greater) than me; can balance the unpredictable shadow and the heaviness His call can place upon me. The call which requires you to share (all future Glory) in ways not known too many a man let alone an angel; let not your heart be trouble for in my servitude to Him, I have learned to cater to the many sides of your Masculinity, even before being Release to you all.
Insensitivity is not a place; I choose to give power too!! So in the wounds of our soul, I undo previous curses spoken and I voice print over the aches and pains of laboring outside of where He was not welcomed. It doesn’t matter what the weather outside maybe….. so long as you are here with me…. Let It Snow!!                            

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