Monday, October 21, 2013

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Mirror to Mirror

Mirror to Mirror

By: Isis Spokenpen


The veil broke uncovering another level of authentic identity. In the context of my own humanity my Heart had grown sick. The charity of man, a valuable resource but I myself had to take God to the place where I laid my (disbelief) down in this area of my life!!  

My Visible scars were crossed over but my Invisible scars still underground not loose!!  The process required Self investment but was not a act of Self-actualization. So bright was the volume of Jesus light, refreshing my soul, it Shocked my Heart and restored Purpose to my life. Being born again has created multipliable life cycles in the context of my personal life time.


It took time to become whole for; I had to step outside of myself to reconcile the truth to myself and merge the fullness of self and do away with the duality of polite deception.

Everything that is not growing will die and death can sometime come in 3’s one for Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. Going beyond bereavement is a choice that must be acted out, not nurturing Pain but embracing Christian disciplines have been my saving GRACE.


History can turn into a double edge sword, demand a loyalty that enslaves. Childhood needs are not the same as Adult concerns, especially when the debit is imaginary.  My pearls are priceless, ten inherited and ten earned in faithfulness, thus, quality will always overcome quantity for me. When Destiny calls, I have developed an ear to hear, the courage to receive, humility to forgive and right mind to know where others end and I begin.


No longer Afraid of my own Brilliance, no longer Bonded by a spirit of Rejection. Satan’s messenger no longer has legal Jurisdiction. There is no temptation by which there is no escape from. Grievances that were self-defeating have fallen in the sea of forgetfulness. This growth spurs spiritual speaking is about a new size in clothing, in covering and not a doctor’s visit.


Comfort comes in many forms especially when one has a reach that is broad rather than narrow. You can be comforted by your life lines, family ties, community obligations and intergenerational covenants. Naked and unashamed, I have always been someone's child but not always a child and this was just my lot (the low) in my life. Nevertheless, the (high) of that lot has been the valuable of independent thought. My head had to be on my shoulders not in someone's lap. Maturity takes no offense; it accepts what it cannot change, changes what it can and prays for the wisdom to know the difference.


So the soap opera of the last twenty years has been discontinued my previous grievances are no longer justifiable. Making room for a Primary thing requires the release of Secondary things!!  Some of us are called to take it even a step further and challenge ones motivate to understand ones intentions.


Having already been a wife once in my life time, I learned the danger at a young age of choosing symbol over seed. I understand that the fullness of me must be taken into account. In a previous life cycle, I couldn't deliver because I was in the Permissive will of God.  Haven spiritually given birth in the Prophetic will of God and served as a midwife, I have helped to give birth many times and not only has my name changed but my nature has changed.


Mirror to mirror, I can say openly, I didn't know me ......didn't know you.....thought I knew everything. I, a woman must be submissive to my own Husband no longer Afraid of the WORD I was given, no longer honoring the VOICES of the sweeties of friend and no longer living in the place of Disbelief.


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