Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Master Mother Spotlight: October 2013

Dorothy V. Walker a.k.a Missionary Walker/Mother Realism/Miss Dottie was born on October 1 in the 1950's; she is the eldest child of the late Dorothy and John Bynum and the wife of the late Ronnell B. Walker. As the eldest girl of the “chosen seven” her siblings granted her the humble honor of being an auntie, great auntie and sister-in love to several. She was born in North Carolina and resided there until she was nine years old those formative years were spent surrounded by her extend maternal family the Keys.

Like most during that time her parents decided to moved North during the great southern migration. At the tender age of ten Dottie found herself in Northern New Jersey where she attended both elementary and secondary school in the Newark and surrounding area. The family spent the greatest about of time in Orange, NJ and like in the South the Bynum name became a community name.

Between eighteen and thirty-nine God blessed her with her 7 butterflies Marcus, Roy, Isis, Ronnella, Marla, Antoinette & Mark being a mother is her greatest joy. At fifty seven and beyond God began to bless her with the second generation of her legacy Rakiayh, Biasia, Enmyi, Shameek & Roy Jr. life has never been the same since she became a Grandmother.   

As a Missionary and Mother Realism she has mothered many community children and adults providing food, shelter, love and kind words of wisdom from her Heavenly Father. Raising her biological butterflies (children) to have hearts that overflow with love each one are very kind hearted people. Her impartation and to her children to have a love for humanity is shown in their professional callings. As a chef, pastor, nontraditional educator, empowerment specialist, teacher, makeup specialist to sincere loyal friends.


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