Thursday, May 16, 2013

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: America "Belle" Part I


Part I

By: Isis Spokenpen

Breathing LARGE breaths

   inhaling fruit punch made from kool aid and E.O.’s tap water

while trying

to play grown.... because in New Jerusalem

  we were old -when we were -young and -young when we became old.

Yea... when the city street lights came on it was understood

that the- closes us 6 kids could- come to outside

  was looking out the window.

     Sipping the air -a milk- that was too thick for an urban belly

but JUICE... especially that red stuff:

Mixing it with a few ounces of 

 old time southern lemonade

spotted by thirsty eyes; crackling lips

and dry throats.

Sweet like SUGAR... trusting ICE to

  do its part.

As the wind blows;

the infatuation with Georgia’s future possibilities and the -knowledge-

of how bright Tennessee stars really do shine had me reflect.

   Yet, North Kakiy-lacie the west of Tennessee’s boarder  

  (is what -came for me-) and I was ready to go -both natively and rebelliously-.

The “Providence of Carolina” had a plan.... calling me a third generation daughter home-saying “that this here land as known you, your mom and your grandmother too“!!

   For better and for worst we have SOMETHING TO TEACH YOU in searching  

threw your mother’s garden- you will find the -wheat and tares- has grown together.

     Ringing my Bell...throwing my Pinkie in the air; I learned the lessons of a twin-sisterhood!! In the House of Worship;

I observed praises to a Christian God who would soon introduce me to myself and I would LOVE HER!! I would come to understand the accountability, humanity and imperfection involved with being a part of the talent tenth. As a first generation academia.. I would learn the pain of social anxiety deflect in the eyes of those

who “wonder who do you really say that I am” hard truth that reveals where others end and I began. Wanting more than most and unapologetically so, the price too high, the ride too long!! Have you heard every word??

But like Dorothy, I would soon know there is no Wizard of Golden Calf that I am WHOLE!! Thus, return to the very
place that I ran from. Because unlike Esau my birth right would not be tradable for what my hands can create. I would satisfy my Georgia curiosity vicariously threw a Georgia lover who gave me his name. Like fruit punch and lemonade; I’ve always been attract to that city/southern mix but that fix was short lived. Over the years I’ve fallen out of love with the mystery of my History and into the thickness of my reality- the Here and Now!! Can you hear every word???

Seventeen years has been my wilderness…. because authentic ownership requires moral awareness-all things really do work for our good!! How shall the vision unfold -the- manifestation come to longer wandering in my weakness but walking in my promises.


Breathing LARGE breaths

inhaling the aroma of hot chocolate mixed with cappuccino

  while being

grown.... because in New Jerusalem

  we were old -when we were -young and -young when we became old.

As the wind blows;

the daughter role-connect- to- North Carolina still pulls on my future possibilities and the -knowledge-

of how bright a sanctuary Candle really can shine has me reflecting.

Do we succeed or do we survive??

Yea...the spot lights of life when point in our direction outspokenly makes it clear that there is a- visibility- that accompanies being identifiable-.


Sipping the air -of faith- deep enough for an urban mind

The belly still craves CHOCLATE... especially that hot stuff:

Mix with a few ounces of 

 cappuccino whether intellectual and/or soulful.

We’ve been spotted by array of strategic eyes; crafty lips

and driven thighs.

Sweet like SUGAR... trusting the STEAM to

  do its part.

Releasing the childhood me…. not forsaking the

community me; but expanding and embracing the

diversity of me.

Making way- for the reflection of Marriage,

                                                           Motherhood and

                  Ministry according to the path design for me!!


Taken my place in the secret lies of BEES….

building up my honey love; haven’t been

grieving for a long time. In a season of

 expectance knowing that much is on

their way to me.

           Now –a- days nothing –comes for me-

unless I send for it!!

Still prophesying in parts…but

no longer discerning from an

              Omega stand point –hearing on a-

Alpha wave length. Not speaking

premature testimonies –learned to

be faithful over small things even if

my image is marginalizes.