Monday, February 18, 2013

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Nile River

Nile River
By: Isis Harris

3 scores and seven years I’ve been moving mountains

Been through some storms ----experience my share of hurricane impacts

Had to start over and just hold on…. whether the day was too long or the night silently demanding.

Yet, I’ve never met a river crossing that caught my eye… longer than a second but this HERE is calling me and I’ve said YES!!

Yes to peace, to happiness, to possibilities…. to it all!!

What I DREAM and what DESTINY has determined.

Have you said Yes?? Can you be my Nile the longest love of a Life time!!

A resource that restores me like the story… this chapter, verse and repeat is me needing to be reclaimed…. for this Girl is on Fire!!

The rain has never Wet me long enough to slow me down.

Known Head love, Heart love but you quietly whisper to my Soul.  It’s not good for a Man to be aLone; but a Grown Woman must--- surrender ONLY to her OWN Husband.

This is not a game and you have not come to entertain me…to be my playmate in the land of make believer or would’ve, should’ve could’ve if only you knew better…trust a little more.

The Cloud of Witness are speaking… your Mother my Father have been troubling the gates of beautiful on our behalves.

Wade in the Water

Wade in the Water Children

Wade in the Water

God is going to Trouble the Water

I have an Ear to Hear…Do you have a Mind to Understand.

The idea of it all…. Refreshing me…Flowing through me …..Whether like a White diamond or Blue morning sky saying JOY really does come at SON RISES.

For “O” death where is thy sting…Didn’t know…Didn’t know & NOW I KNOW BETTER!!

Can’t be the same

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