Friday, October 5, 2012

Senior Executive Editor's Ink:Poetic Life Statement

Poetic Life Statement!!!


“Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions?

If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.”

But the people said nothing.” –1 Kings 18:21 NIV

Sleeping Beauty is Awaken…..My Heart is Free……My Laugh Return to Me like

—Sarah—when the Angels spoke of Isaac!! Oil from the Groomsmen’s Candles—lighting

the path for the outpouring of my Alabaster Box!! Can you dig my POETOLOGY OF


This is a Conversation for all those who are willing to be Authentic!! For as Quiet as it’s

kept I do have a PULSE and Unapologetically so!!.... Never was into Quantity but know a

little something about Quality…

Just in case you didn’t hear me the first time… Here, I stand….free of the Dust….Walking

on Water!!..Taking a deep breath…as I am no longer SUFFICATED by Yesteryear’s


Childhood goals restored like pennies collected at a wishing well….LADYBUG’s a

GROWN WOMAN now Daddy: No Longer Looking for you in the Shadows of Future

Memories…..floating in the ripple of a Watery Grave!! Being kept ….by—God the Alpha

& the Omega …whose Love…. I’ll never understand.

The Husband of My YOUTH—…Loved me….. but he Believed so much in the SUPREMME…

that he didn’t have ears to hear the ORDINARY-ME

thus…Forgiveness…set……Him FREE….. And I learned the difference between Men I

minister too and Men I CAN???? It’s of no Wonder I never thought to Write Wedding Vows!!

Took a ROLL in THE DEEP the next time, I choose to rest this tender Heart at Love’s

Sanctuary Door for…. Adele sings for us ALL!!

Nevertheless, the identity CRISIS is over…not Looking for “Someone Like HIM”…..need

a Sunday Love that will make it past mid-week…. For it is only when You….seek… shall…

You find!!

God Bless…. Boaz & the Kinsmen Redeemer…..but even THEIR stories don’t fit me!! The

Angel spoke these WORD to me…It is better to light a little Candle than waste…time

cursing the Darkness!! Ruth was an HONORABLE sister but she is Not ME and I am not


My Needs…..Non-Conventional.. My Legacy... one of COURAGE no longer overwhelmed

when the Trumpet sounds and He calls for me…by the Thunder… Like Elijah

I’ve learned to set Fire to the Rain!! And be OPEN TO MY NEW ASSIGNMENTS.

There is a memory of my future that lies in my SOUL!! My Great-Grandparents got 75

years out of this thing….. before death did them part. And since God be the same God

today that He was yesterday…. as a REMNANT to that Truth …..I will trust the Process…

even during the GROWNing PAINS.Whether it’s birth in Hopeless or a Wealth place… I

am READy for LOVE!!

I will submit to Him whose RIB, I possess. For both Eve and Mary both were blessed by

God’s ongoing Conversation with Man!! I will LEARN what HE Teaches and I will be still

until the FULLNESS OF TIME!!!

I will Submit to the Mercy Seat of God and Love even when unlovable actions have been

committed.Trusting God to Place order where order needs to be Placed not just for a day

but for a Life time.

I will Submit to the Revelation of God who knows my every need. My rising and setting

and who will Endow Him with that UNDERSTANDING because FAITH cometh by


I will Submit to THE GRACE and Authority on His Life to COVER ME!!! To Speak

LIFE…..To My Womb and I will impart in His offspring like Milk from a mother’s Breast

the gift of POETRY, of SONG, of CREATIVE PRAISE and will raise them in the WORD

of the Lord and the Anointing that makes me a SECOND generation/last chance

Preacher/Pastor/Overseer… will be available to God’s appointed AMONG THEM!!.

And Yet, there is still more to Give (cheerfully) because He will impart in them an integrity

to serve with regards to Family, Community and Work ethics. He will teach them the

Principles of Manhood and the value of Womanhood.

And together We will transfer to them Generational Wealth in the form of Collective

History, Monetary Resources and Intellectual Wisdom whether through the value of self

and/or classroom study. Finely we will stand in the Gap until they are call by the Thunder.

Because there is: Still room at the Cross!! A Nation yet to be Born!!!



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