Friday, October 26, 2012

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Innoence's stored

Innocence’s stored

By: Isis Harris

1993; ways to go before graduation.

Yet, within two months and two days determination would lead to me being ghost.

Seen “School Daze” more times than I could count and watched NBC Thursday night line up FAITHFULLY.

Denise Huxtable  went off to a (make believe) Historically Black college she introduced us Black Northern kids to apart of the South that went way beyond SLAVERY, COTTON , RED CLAY and CORNBREAD.

Thus, not even the Love of a good man was going to keep me around; I was out without apology and back then I was too young to know how a non-college man could be so threaten by the concept of college boys. But then Mr. Man knew something about me that I hadn’t discovered about myself.

But what I did know back then was that I wanted (him) MR. MAN!!!

Like most he sized me up to be a GoOd GiRl; keeping me close enough to entertain, but far enough to not live in my world; just a passerby full of curiosity.

Mr. Man would say as he kissed my elbow there or caressed my breast with a gentleness born out of temporary wonder that,“ When I met whomever to remember him”…LOL

There was this seductive pleasure he got from knowing me before all the rest.

Having more on my mind then just foreplay, I decide that I was going to prove that I was grown and fabulous and after seeing the movie “Boomeranging” for the up-tin time, I was going to show up in a rain coat and much of nothing else.

Carefully selected the bright cherry bra and lacy panties cover only by a green olive rain coat, I presented myself for the taking.  Like a birthday gift open at the after party from the party.

As we entered the room and after some small talk he like a gentlemen asked to take my coat; I like the drama queen that I was then and still am to some degree, dropped the coat to the floor.  

His smile and the sparkle in his eye told it all; he was intrigued by my unexpected conduct.

Feeling empowered I continue with my seductive mission and he was that close to giving in.

Bra to the left and panties to the right; sheets like a balloon- multiple colors with the heat of our passion moving us beyond his initial expectation and then HE STOP!!!

Did he say it was for my benefit (yes) and did he sincerely mean it (yes). Knowing that the breaks he put on the whole thing had more to do with him than me.

A day later with the same care that he sent me on my way, I sent the red Victoria Secret two piece in a private postage packaged and made sure Mr. Man had something to remember me by.

1995; she called self-identifying as a new girlfriend wanting to know the last time I saw (him) Mr. Man.

                                                            I knew I had not been forgotten…

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