Monday, September 17, 2012

Senior Executive Editor's Ink: Mother Nature's Son

Mother Nature’s Son
By: Isis Harris

 In the crisp Am, in the afternoon sun, we feel you, with the brisk of nightfall, you speak to us. Cautionary advisor to old man winter, yet an annoying litter brother to summer and a twin to spring; you enter in! Changing the world around us from green, orange to brown we see you.  Calling a great majority to attention! Allergenic armors tease our nostrils reminding us of are vulnerable, as we become comforted by a box of Scott tissue. Lubricated softness transitions us from fun to responsibility, once vacationers now full- time parents, youthful play set- aside for academic study, and single folks fill their days and night with the harvest reward as they function in the identity of community.

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