Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Senior Executive Editor's Ink :Opinion (Movie) Editorial: “Think Like a Man Act like a Woman”

Let me begin by saying I did not read the book (what has become the 2k player manual for dating), I will be honest and say that initially I was suffering from the Alpha female complex of “whatever-whatever” LOL!!
Yet, as time went by I still didn’t read the book because personally when it comes to matters of the heart I need the availability of a closely tie in COACH. One that I can call on from time to time with regard to information, guidance and honestly speaking inside trader information. 
Most should know their own LOVE Languages and I need (face to face time)--“breaking bread” kind of nurturing to really process what is being said to me ” I am a class room kind of student” –a textbook –void- of a live professor would not hold my interest for long.
In the literary community there has always been speculation that Steve Harvey had a ghost writer in regards to the book. One doesn’t know and one is not here to debate that. Nevertheless, I have respect for the fact that he has transitioned from a single man trying to gain the attention of anyone over the age of eighteen who fits his appeal type; to a father sharing insight with his children and the children of the global community. The demographics of the audience on Saturday, April 21, 2012  5:25pm showing in Northern New Jersey that I and my sister-twin (Realism) attended revealed that the movie has gender crossover appeal. It is not simply a conversation women are having with women. 
My thoughts of the movie overall (fabulous) a comedy with the right dosages of truth syrumor!! I was very impressed with the executive producers and the writers’ contextual theme for the script. While basketball, unlike football in North America has been a crossover gender sport for sometime now, on a professional level it is best played indoors and ones uniform is limited to the bare necessities. In the game of life women are indeed solo players until times of crisis and men are team players until times of victory!! 
The movie was very realistic. There was no over kill of any particular aspect of life. As a facebook society we can magnify the standards set by “they” all the -on-lookers- whoever they are LOL!!  In being single-again (modern day term for someone divorced) I saw myself as well as the aspects of previous relationships in each of the four primary mating match ups.  
Now the movie was that a movie-- so no unresolved issues linger on after the two hour span, however something tells me there will be a part two. Enjoy….. everyone!! After all the romantic playoffs await us ALL (single or married)!!! 
My family has always done well at Basketball---special shout out to the purple and gold men on the WEST COAST!!!
Peace & Blessing
Isis Harris

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